Introduction to ARDF

If you are in any way a competitive person you will be attracted by IARU style Direction Finding (DF) hunts. With up to five hidden transmitters to find in a fixed time, the adrenalin starts to flow on the start line!


The RSGB ARDF Festival is a three day event incorporating the British Championships 2013. It will be held on the Surrey Hills near Dorking, over the weekend of 17/18/19 May 2013.

The European (IARU Region 1) Championships 2013 will be held at Kudowa Zdroj, SW Poland 9-15 September 2013.

You’ll find them (and other events, too) listed on the ARDF Events page.


The Reflector was established as a forum for an exchange of views, ideas and news about IARU DF Hunting in the UK. Find out more about joining the RSGB ARDF Reflector.

Loan Equipment

The RSGB has some equipment available to Affiliated Societies and Scout/Cadet groups on loan.

The package comprises four 80m transmitters configured for 30 second transmissions in a two minute cycle. Ten PJ80 receivers are provided and these are shipped without batteries (to reduce shipping weight) or headphones (3.5mm stereo plug).

Competitor running through woodlandThe transmitters are very low power but are audible over distances of the order of 400m. Groups borrowing the equipment are required pay the cost of insured carriage back to the RSGB (£25 approx via Royal Mail) and also the cost of any damage (usually broken whip aerials!)


UK sourced equipment is now available. David Deane, G3ZOI is selling (on a non-commercial basis) a kit for a combined 2m receiver and a ‘tape beam’ antenna at a very reasonable cost. Click here for further details of all David’s offerings.

Bob Titterington G3ORY has run out of the 80m receiver kits. A redesign has commenced but the new kit will not be available until later in 2013.

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