Site Introduction

This is a large website containing lots of information. At the time of writing (June 2013) it’s over 1,100 pages and still growing. It’s just not possible to show all contents in a single navigation structure, because the screen isn’t big enough!

The site is sub-divided:

  • Portal – a single page so those new to the hobby are directed to relevant areas.
  • Main – most of the site resides here.
  • Technical Archive – a resource that is intended to contain technical articles from our Radcom magazine.
  • Photographic Archive – a resource that is intended to show a selection of photographs from our 100 year history.
  • Events – a resource that is intended to incorporate details of amateur radio events happening nationally and locally.

Content is either dynamic, where it changes frequently, such as News, or static, where it provides information that doesn’t change frequently. For static content there is a Section Site Map for each main menu item and there is a full site map available on the footer menu. For both dynamic and static content there are search boxes that mark results for relevance.

These notes apply only to the Main Site. Events, Technical Archive and Photographic Archive sub-sites have their own search mechanisms.