February-March 2014

Construction of FUNcube-1Welcome to the seventh edition of the RSGB’s electronic newsletter for new and not-so-new radio amateurs.

The newsletter is turning into quite a repository of features.

If you go to the sidebar you can find all of the back issues, with more than 20 features on everything from how to send and receive QSL cards, to getting your first HF award with International Marconi Day.

Don’t forget the monthly “Getting Started In …” Radcom supplement, which is intended for newcomers too.

The Getting Started section, which contains this page, has a whole host of other material for you to read.

In this issue we build on a feature last time on SSTV; this time we look at digital SSTV, which is light years ahead of its analogue cousin, plus we focus on the four metre (70 MHz) band, which has a loyal following in the UK.

You might also want to see if you can decode telemetry from a genuine spacecraft with our quick guide to FUNcube-1, or discover what a counterpoise is.

In this issue…