England South West and Channel Islands

Regional Manager

Pam Helliwell, G7SME
Telephone: 01803 326033
Email: pamspaceg6fsp.com

Deputy Regional Manager, Emergency Communications

Tony Woollard, G6TWA
Telephone: 01823 660969
Email: tony.woollardspacebtinternet.com

Deputy Regional Manager, Cornwall

Mark Vaughan, M0VAU
Telephone: 01209 715492
Email: markspacevil.uk.com

Deputy Regional Manager, Devon

Martin Sables, G7NTY
Email: spaceladymedecottage.co.uk

Deputy Regional Manager, Dorset

Peter Clifford, M0PTR
Email: peter.cliffordspacewhich.net

Deputy Regional Manager, Somerset and South Glos.

Dick Elford, G0XAY
Telephone: 01454 218362
Email: g0xayspaceaol.com

Cities/counties in this region: Bath & North East Somerset, Bournemouth, Bristol, Channel Islands, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Exeter, Isles of Scilly, North Somerset, Poole, Plymouth, Somerset, Torbay