England South and South East

Regional Manager

Michael Senior, G4EFO
Telephone: 07855 268666
Email: rm10spacersgb.org.uk

Deputy Regional Manager, Isle of Wight

Chris Brown, G0DWE
Telephone: 019835 29060
Email: G0DWEspacersgb.org.uk

Deputy Regional Manager, Hampshire

Paul Steed, G0VEP
Telephone: 02932 371677

Deputy Regional Manager, Wiltshire

Position vacant due to retirement

Deputy Regional Manager, Oxfordshire

Malcolm Andrew, G8NRP
Telephone: 01235 524844

Deputy Regional Manager, East and West Sussex  

Adrian Boyd, G4LRP

Telephone 07714 664957

Cities/counties in this region: Brighton & Hove, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, East Sussex, Portsmouth, Southampton, West Sussex, Wiltshire