Registering as an Assessor

Registering as an RSGB Registered Assessor gives benefits to all concerned:

  • Authority for you to sign off the Candidate’s Practical Assessment Records for Foundation and Intermediate level
  • An ability to join the Tutors’ Yahoo Group where you can get help from other Trainers and RSGB Registered Assessors
  • Your candidates will know that you take training seriously
  • Only Intermediate and Advanced Licence holders can become RSGB Registered Assessors; although there are some exceptions made for teachers and leaders in certain recognised youth organisations such as the Scouts, Guides and the Air Training Corps. Please contact the RSGB for more details.

Intermediate Licence holders can only register for the Foundation level; but Advanced Licence holders can register as RSGB Registered Assessors for any of the 3 levels.
You do not have to be registered if you only intend to deliver training or help RSGB Registered Assessors with the practical assessments.

Anyone who registers as a RSGB Registered Assessor must have sufficient knowledge and experience of amateur radio to be able to pass it on to others and to assess their competency. Ideally, RSGB Registered Assessors will have some experience in delivering training to be able to do it with confidence, but the Train the Trainers workshops can assist if they do not.

To become an RSGB Registered Assessor you need to complete an application form (available from the RSGB by post); and return it by post to RSGB Headquarters staff.

Alternatively, use Form EX001 from the RCF forms page.

Once the RSGB Headquarters staff has received your application they will take up two references, and the time taken to process your application will depend on the speed at which those references are returned.  If you hear nothing further after a period of 2 months, please contact the Examinations Department .

On satisfactory completion of the process, you will receive a “Confirmation of Registration” letter with a registration number.

In order to maintain the database, RSGB Registered Assessors must ensure that RSGB Headquarters are provided with any changes to personal details. RSGB Headquarters staff will write to apparently inactive RSGB Registered Assessors before they are removed from the database.

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