How do I become a registered assessor?

youth-training-eventFirstly you need to complete an Registered Assessor Application Form (EX001) (2-page/43.7KB Word document) and return it by post to:

RCE Department
Radio Society of Great Britain
3 Abbey Court
Fraser Road
Priory Business Park
Bedford MK44 3WH

Once we have received your application we will take up a minimum of two references.
The process to become an registered assessor* is taking approximately two months to complete.

At present only Intermediate and Full licensees can became registered assessors although there are some exceptions made for certain organisations such as the Scouts or within schools. Please contact the RCE Department for more details on 01234 832700.


*Before 2011 the titles were ‘Lead Instructor’ in most of the examination paperwork and ‘Registered Instructor’ on this web page.

Registration as an assessor is required to be able to sign the bottom of the candidate’s Record of Achievement forms and the Instructors’ Practical Assessment Record Sheet.