Youth Committee meeting, 19 January 2015

| February 3, 2015

Michael Jones (Chair) [MJ], William Davies [WD], Mark Dumpleton [MD], James Thornhill [JT], Oscar Hall [OH], Rachel Landragin [RL], Steve Hartley (Board)[SH], Rebecca Hughes [RH], Adam Hutchinson [AH], Alex White [AW].


Text in italics signifies an action note.
All present members will be referred to by their initials.

1. MJ opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. The committee wished the Society a happy New Year.
2. New Committee Member—MJ welcomed Alex White, M6HFQ to the committee.
3. Secretary—AW offered to take on the role and was unanimously voted in.

Youth Newsletter
1. MJ asked all members if they had received the letter inviting them to YOTA events this year, all committee members stated that they had.
2. JT and WD to work on a Youth Newsletter to be distributed out by email. Deadline to be 8 February for the February edition.
3. The newsletter will be aimed at people under the age of 26 and will include some youth-related news and one or two technical but easy to understand articles. JT and WD to have a completed newsletter for distribution on 8 February.

YOTA Month
1. Some general feedback about YOTA month was taken in and the general feedback was positive and at the participants enjoyed it
2. JT mentioned that it would be good to have more stickers and some little circular badges as the stickers went down a hit but badges would last longer.
3. Some more promotional material would have been good. Also some promotional material in general would be good. MJ to liaise with Mark Allgar.
4. MJ to liaise with HQ about getting the list of secretaries to school clubs . MJ to ask Radcom to put a small piece asking young people’s clubs to contact MJ.

YOTA 2015
1. RL gave an informative report about YOTA UK and the sub-committee are meeting regularly.
2. MD gave an informative report about ProjectDX15—we are just awaiting the results from the request for the funding and then we will update further.
3. The ARDF kits have been secured for YOTA UK. MJ to ask ARDF Chairman for the kits for Wales too.

Misc. action notes
1. MJ to liaise with CHICKS about supporting them at their respite centre with radio-related activities.
2. MJ to liaise with ARRL Youth Editor re: kids day
3. MD to investigate the role of a Youth Coordinator for the UK for DXpedition skeds and feedback next meeting.
4. MD and JT to explore the option of a youth net. MJ mentioned it would be good to get one going on Echolink, as it’s widely available for young licensed people.

Youth DXpedition

MJ & MD secured funding for DXpedition. MJ wrote proposal to board who approved the proposal. Project Leaders are MJ & MD with MJ as overall responsible officer.

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