EMC Committee

| January 22, 2018

EMCC Chair vacancy

The EMC Committee (EMCC) helps and advises members who have EMC problems, lobbies regulators and guides standards to protect the spectrum. It also investigates emerging EMC threats and updates members on these and other EMC matters.

The EMCC Chair has a committee of volunteers who are expected to play an active role in addressing these matters.

The current chair John Rogers, M0JAV is stepping down from the role after seven years’ invaluable service. We are looking for a volunteer, who must be an RSGB member, to fill the vacancy.

The position of Chair of the EMC Committee is offered for an initial period of up to three years. To find out more about the role or to apply, please send details of your amateur radio experience to RSGB Board Director Philip Willis, M0PHI: m0phi@rsgb.org.uk

Further information about the EMCC can be found on the RSGB’s website: EMC Committee


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