Training and Education Committee

| August 9, 2016

Within the Training and Education Committee (TEC) relatively little conventional committee and discussion work takes place. Instead, much of what we do is based on project teams. With all members working towards particular goals within a team, everyone makes continuing contributions.

All TEC volunteers are associated with specific projects from time to time but there is an expectation that everyone on TEC is willing to assist TEC more widely, when the need arises. There are always a number of projects on the to-do list, so please do not be shy in putting your hand up.

If you feel you have something to offer and are willing to spend some time on moving things forward, please contact the TEC Chair, Paul Whatton G4DCV, with a brief note about yourself, what you feel you can add to the mix and any specific aspect of the committee you would be particularly interested in. Please email

Schools Link project vacancies

The TEC Schools Link project has vacancies for additional team members.

The aim of Schools Link is to find ways of supporting teachers delivering the curriculum, by providing additional help and materials for those places where radio examples help illuminate it. The focus is on teachers and supporting the curriculum, rather than directly on school students or on getting amateur radio into schools.

The Principia project, with 10 Schools contacting Tim Peake on the ISS using amateur radio, has given a major boost to STEM subjects and the RSGB are helping to build on that through Schools Link and elsewhere.

If you are interested in joining this team, please contact Paul Whatton via describing those parts of your background which may be relevant, how they fit the project’s needs and why you think this is something where you would enjoy making a contribution.



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