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Survey to find the extent of VDSL Broadband Interference

| August 31, 2017

The RSGB’s EMC Committee has for three years been investigating the problems of interference (RFI) from VDSL broadband on the HF amateur bands and lobbying for action to reduce the problem. We have a lot of historic data, but both Ofcom and Openreach contend that 150 reports from 50,000 amateurs is not indicative of a […]

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VDSL interference

| January 10, 2017

The RSGB’s Electromagnetic Compatibility Committee (EMCC) has worked with BT Technology Services and Operations and also Openreach to design a new process to improve the way multiple line checks are done. This can only be used where the EMCC has received reports from amateurs that it checks and believes are caused by VDSL RFI. In these cases, lines in the near vicinity of […]

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