RadCom Centenary Edition, July 2013, Vol. 89, No. 7

| July 17, 2013

Cover of July 2013 RadCom showing an early amateur radio stationRadCom is the Radio Society of Great Britain Members’ magazine and is sent free every month to Members of the Radio Society of Great Britain.

RadCom has the largest amateur radio readership in the UK and is respected throughout the world.

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RadCom Centenary Edition, July 2013

News and Reports

  • 6 RSGB Matters
    Including greetings from the ARRL, Special Centenary V-series special callsigns, Centenary Day news, spectrum release, international presentations, new members and congratulations
  • 11 News
    Latest amateur radio news
  • 13 G100RSGB
    Latest news on the RSGB Centenary Special Event Station
  • 16 Introduction to the Centenary Edition
    By Bob Whelan, G3PJT, RSGB President
  • 79 Around Your Region
    Club news and planned events around the country
  • 95 Contacts
    All the contact information for the RSGB including committees and regional managers


  • 14 Hertzian Waves
    Verbatim record of a lecture to the Society by Sir Oliver J. Lodge FRS, delivered 14 June 1922
  • 24 Early Homebrew Transistorised Transmitters
    The first transistorised transmitters published in the Bulletin, by Tony Cockle, G3IEE and C.H. Banbury, BRS20100
  • 26 The International Amateur Radio Union
    RSGB Vice-President Gerald Marcuse, 2NM, describes the Easter 1925 International Congress in Paris
  • 30 Technical Topics
    The first edition of the famous column that would run for 50 years, by Pat Hawker, G3VA
  • 32 An Effective Multi-Band Aerial of Simple Construction
    Louis Varney, AMIEE, AIL, G5RV, describes the aerial that now bears his callsign
  • 34 PSK31
    The ground-breaking article by Peter Martinez, G3PLX, introducing his new radio-teletype mode
  • 40 The Changing Face of Rigs
    Peter Hart, G3SJX looks at how dramatically the amateur state of the art has changed over the last century
  • 44 Single-Sideband Transmission Applied to Amateur Telephony
    The first detailed technical description of SSB for amateurs by N. G. Hyde, G2AIH
  • 46 Field Days
    Based on articles and research by G3OEP, G6LX, G4JKS and G4LFM, we report on the 80 year history of the RSGB National Field Day
  • 54 Model Aerials
    F. ‘Dud’ Charman BEM, G6CJ describes what became known as his ‘Aerial Circus’
  • 56 Tuning of Low Power Transmitters using Hertz Antennae
    Short article on matching by S. F. Evans, 6YV
  • 58 RSGB Archives
    We have a large repository of photographs and documents – can you help add to it?
  • 62 Transatlantic Tests
    How amateur radio first spanned the Atlantic – not always entirely legally – reproduced from the research of Philip Coursey in 1921-1926
  • 66 The Possibilities of Television both With and Without Wires
    A far-sighted 1924 lecture on distant electric vision by A. A. Campbell Swinton, FRS
  • 74 A 1939 Vintage Radio Station
    Peter Dodd, G3LDO creates a vintage amateur radio station for Amberley Industrial Museum


  • 35 Centenary Products
    Celebrate the Centenary with philately, contact confirmation or sartorial elegance


Regular columns and features will resume in the August edition.

  • 91 Advertisers index
  • 92 Members’ Ads, Rallies and Events, Silent Keys, Special Event Stations
  • 78 Propagation, Gwyn Williams, G4KFH
  • 77 Sport Radio, Steve White, G3ZVW
  • 96 The Last Word

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