RadCom February 2013, Vol. 89, No. 2

| February 1, 2013

Cover of February 2013 RadCom - Richard Byford, G4MKR, demonstrating amateur radio at the NRC.  Photo: RSGB

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RadCom has the largest amateur radio readership in the UK and is respected throughout the world.

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Contents RadCom February 2013

News and Reports

  • 6 News
    News from the world of amateur radio
  • 9 RSGB Matters
    Including commentary on the Band Plans, Society matters, National Club of the Year, elections and appointments, the new RSGB Website, QSL Matters, New Members and Congratulations
  • 12 G100RSGB goes on the air
    Read how RSGB President Dave Wilson, M0OBW opened the year-long special event celebration
  • 14 Honour Roll
    The Society salutes those with unbroken membership of 50 years and more
  • 22 Getting started in… Beacons
    Beacons have been on the air for 50 years – Prof Martin Harrison, G3USF begins an explanation of the hows and whys
  • 34 National Radio Centre
    The NRC has been open for a full year – find out what’s been happening in those twelve exciting months
  • 38 Band Plan 2013
    All the UK amateur bands from 136kHz to 250GHz, including the latest – and sometimes substantial – revisions arising from the IARU Region 1 Conference and other sources
  • 80 Around Your Region
    Club news and planned events around the country


  • 62 FunCube Dongle Pro+
    Mike Richards, G4WNC examines the new and greatly improved FunCube Dongle Pro+ SDR that receives 150kHz to 1.9GHz at remarkably low cost
  • 70 Alpha DX-Jr Antenna
    A lightweight, vertically and horizontally polarised portable 40m to 6m antenna reviewed by Steve Nichols, G0KYA
  • 73 Book Review
    Ian Fleming and SOE’s Operation Postmaster, the RSGB Bound Volume 2012, RadCom CD 2012 and the Pegasus Amateur Radio Call Book CD

Technical Features

  • 18 Homebrew
    Eamon Skelton, EI9GQ turns his attention to crystals and crystal filters
  • 23 Computer SMPSUs
    Mark Atherton, ZL3JVX asks whether a 23A 12V PSU for £10 is too good to be true – his findings may surprise you
  • 52 Transceiver power levelling
    Clem Andrews, G0APM explains his experiments with levelling digimode power spectra
  • 54 Data
    A detailed look at ISCAT by Andy Talbot, G4JNT
  • 44 EMC
    More on emissions from solar photovoltaic systems by Dr David Lauder, G0SNO
  • 66 Design Notes
    Andy Talbot, G4JNT looks at cheap-as-chips DDS modules, a SDR-driven handheld, plus water-cooling LEDS and linears
  • 72 Start Here
    The final part of the Tesla Coil project by John Welsh, G0NVZ


  • 87 Advertisers index
  • 32 Antennas, Peter Dodd, G3LDO
  • 91 Contacts
  • 60 GHz, Dr John Worsnop, G4BAO
  • 56 HF, Don Field, G3XTT
  • 38 IOTA , Martin Atherton, G3ZAY
  • 55 LF, Dave Pick, G3YXM
  • 78 Propagation, Gwyn Williams, G4KFH
  • 16 QRP, Rev George Dobbs, G3RJV
  • 88 Members’ Ads, Rallies and Events, Silent Keys, Special Event Stations
  • 74 Sport Radio, Steve White, G3ZVW
  • 92 The Last Word
  • 58 VHF/UHF, Richard Staples, G4HGI

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