RSGBTech Yahoo Group & the RSGB

| April 7, 2017

RSGBTech Yahoo Group & the RSGB 

Brian Reay, G8OSN, the owner of RSGBTech Yahoo Group, and Steve Hartley, G0FUW, the RSGB Chairman, have issued a joint statement to clarify the ownership of the Yahoo Group.

RSGBTech Yahoo Group was established in 2009 by an RSGB Board Member to provide a forum for all radio amateurs to discuss technical matters. It has never been owned by the RSGB and membership has never been limited to RSGB members. RSGBTech currently has over 1600 subscribers from around the globe.

Since 2009 a very small number of users have been removed from the RSGBTech Yahoo Group for a variety of reasons, including making inappropriate postings and/or abusing moderators. Such behaviour is not tolerated by RSGBTech nor by the RSGB on its own social media channels.

The RSGB has always promoted use of the Group, starting with an announcement in the May 2009 RadCom, in its annual Yearbook and on its website. The RSGB recognises that the RSGBTech Yahoo Group makes a valuable contribution to technical discussions relating to amateur radio.

Both the RSGB and G8OSN wish to make it very clear that RSGBTech Yahoo Group is entirely independent from the RSGB and that the RSGB does not therefore control membership of the group.

Any questions or complaints about RSGBTech Yahoo Group should therefore be directed to its owner, Brian Reay G8OSN via

Steve Hartley, G0FUW
Chairman of the RSGB Board 

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