Manage your club events

| February 19, 2015

UK Events Planner screenshotFollowing on from the launch of the UK Events Planner, the Society is pleased to announce that affiliated clubs now have the facility to edit events they have posted on the Events Planner

In affiliated clubs Membership Services, open the Events Planner service and follow the Manage Existing Events link.

This will display a list of all the events your club has posted on the UK Events Planner.

There is an option to edit the event, which will instantly update the website, and another option to cancel the event which removes it from the Events Planner and notifies RadCom.

Please note that only events your club entered itself will be available to edit or cancel, you cannot edit or cancel the batch of ‘starter’ events we copied into the Events Planner here at HQ from the listing in RadCom, as these were posted using our own account.

If you have an event that is already on the Events Planner but it is not available for editing or cancellation, this is the reason why.

To edit or cancel events that are not available, or if you experience any issues using this service, raise a ticket with the Web and IT Helpdesk.


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