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Propagation News – 3 December 2017

| December 1, 2017

HF propagation for last week’s CQ Worldwide CW contest was fair to middling. There was a 10 metre opening on Saturday, but otherwise the money bands were 20 and 15 metres during the day, with 40 and 80 metres coming into their own after sunset. The predicted poorer geomagnetic conditions on Sunday didn’t really materialise, […]

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Propagation News – 26 November 2017

| November 24, 2017

The Solar Flux Index remained in the 70s last week, reflecting the continued absence of sunspots. Geomagnetic conditions were unsettled at the beginning of the week, but improved as the effects of a coronal hole passed. We were left with a mixed bag of HF propagation, with fair conditions at times and poorer ones at […]

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Propagation News – 19 January 2017

| November 17, 2017

Last week saw the solar flux index stay steadfastly in the mid-70s thanks to a lack of visible sunspots on the solar surface. But by Thursday one had appeared over the limb and was designated sunspot 2687. Geomagnetic conditions were mostly settled in the first half of the week, but a minor G1 geomagnetic storm […]

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Propagation News – 12 November 2017

| November 10, 2017

As forecast, last week saw auroral conditions and the Kp-index rise to six as the result of incoming solar material from yet another coronal hole. The Aurora Borealis was even visible from northern England and Scotland. Coronal holes are lower-energy areas on the Sun with open magnetic field lines that allow tonnes of material to […]

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Propagation News – 5 November 2017

| November 3, 2017

Last week saw more settled geomagnetic conditions and, although there were few sunspots, the ionosphere was able to offer DX contacts. The CQ Worldwide Contest saw 15 metres and even 10 metres providing openings at times. With the solar flux in the low 70s it was the seasonal upturn, due to change in ionospheric chemistry, […]

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Propagation News – 29 October 2017

| October 27, 2017

Last week was once again a mixed bag, with good HF openings at times, and depressed maximum usable frequencies (MUF) at others. Quieter geomagnetic conditions on Sunday and Monday saw good openings up to and including 28MHz. But the arrival of solar material from a coronal hole on Tuesday saw much more unsettled conditions. An […]

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