DX News – 24 September 2017

| September 22, 2017

Hal, JR4OZR will be active as A35W from Tongatapu, IOTA reference OC-049, Tonga until 26 September. He will operate RTTY and FT8, and will participate in the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest. QSL via JJ2VLY and Logbook of The World or logsearch on Club Log.

JA3KIO as T88XA and JA3JND as T88ON will be active from Koror, OC-009, Palau, until 28 September. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau.

JR1FKR as V63FKR and JH1MLO as V63MLO will be active from Pohnpei, OC-010, in Micronesia between 27 September and 2 October. They will operate SSB and RTTY. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. They do not use Logbook of The World.

AT7M is the call sign for the IOTA DXpedition to St Mary Islands, AS-096. A large team will operate on all modes with a multi transceiver station from 30 September to 1 October. QSL via VU3NPI.

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