DX News – 20 August 2017

| August 18, 2017

The great Solar Eclipse QSO Party mentioned earlier is sure to bring some interesting DX, if only because of the sheer number of stations expected to be experimenting with the anomalous propagation conditions. Listen out for them on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and 6m. Other bands are not being used.

If you’re quick, you may catch the activation of Robben Island, IOTA reference AF-064, which will be on the air as ZS9V until 21 August at 0000UTC. Bands in use will be from 80 to 10m and the operators are ZS1V, ZS1VDV, ZS1AN and ZS1REX. QSL manager is M0OXO, direct or OQRS.

Sao Miguel, EU-003, is being activated this weekend until 1900 on Sunday as CR1FF. Operators are CU2GC and CS8ABY. QSL direct via CS5NRA or via the bureau.

Kasado, AS-117 will be on the air next Saturday as JA4GXS/4. Bands in use will be 40, 20 and 17m, CW and SSB. QSL direct or bureau to JA4GXS.

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