DX News – 9 August 2015

| August 7, 2015

The annual Bogong High Plains Winter mini-expedition will once again head up to the Victorian Alps in Australia from 11 to 14 August. The team will be led by M0CYT/VK3SN and VK3GT and will utilise ultra-light weight solar powered QRP gear to operate on all bands from 80m to 70cm. They will be back country ski touring across the pristine icy wilderness of the Bogong High Plains. Listen out especially on 20m to share a contact with the boys who are camping out in deep snow above 1800m elevation. For further details, see RadCom July 2014, or visit www.vk3sn.net.

Ernest, W4EG lives on Amelia Island, IOTA reference NA-138. He is presently only operating mobile, although a better station should be on air in the next few months. Contacts can be scheduled by email to w4eg@hotmail.com.

Jim, G3RTE, Phil, G3SWH and Matt, MJ0ASP will be QRV from the Island of Cezembre, EU-157, off St Malo as F/G6AY/P between 16 and 19 August. They plan to have two 100 watt stations with vertical antennas on 30 to 10 metres, CW only. Cezembre is one of Europe’s rarest islands in the IOTA programme, being needed by more than 60 percent of IOTA participants. Activity will be during daylight hours only as it is not permitted to stay on the island overnight.

ZS1FUN will be active from Dassen Island, AF-064, on 15 and 16 August.

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