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Spectrum above 6GHz

| March 5, 2015

Ofcom Call for Input on Spectrum above 6GHz for future mobile communications (5G) Ofcom Call for Input RSGB Response  

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Strategic Review of UHF Spectrum at 420-470 MHz

| February 26, 2015

Ofcom Call for Inputs on a strategic review of UHF Spectrum at 420-470 MHz (UHF Bands 1 and 2) Ofcom Call for Input RSGB Response  

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Spectrum Forum meeting minutes 2014

| November 24, 2014

RSGB Spectrum Forum meeting minutes and reports from the annual meeting held on 1-Nov-2014 are available below (in PDF format):- Spectrum Forum Nov-2014 Agenda Spectrum Forum Nov-2014 Minutes 5.1 – HF Spectrum Report-2014 5.2 – VHF Spectrum Report-2014 5.3 – Microwave Spectrum Report-2014 5.4 – AROS SpectrumForum-2014 6.1 – EMCC-SpectrumForum-2014 6.2 – ECC-SpectrumForum-2014 6.3 – […]

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VHF Release of 143 MHz to 169 MHz

| May 27, 2014

Ofcom consultation on next steps of the release of spectrum within the frequency ranges 143 MHz to 169 MHz (including 146-147 MHz on a temporary basis for amateur radio) Ofcom Consultation RSGB Joint-Response  

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Spectrum Management Strategy – Oct 2013

| January 2, 2014

Ofcom’s approach to and priorities for spectrum management over the next ten years. Ofcom Consultation RSGB Response (3-page/185KB PDF)  

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3.4GHz Spectrum Release – Nov 2013

| November 28, 2013

2.3 and 3.4 GHz: Consultation on a 3.4 GHz band plan and a call for inputs on other aspects of the award Ofcom Consultation RSGB Joint Response  

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