RSSRSGB Centenary

The Secret Listeners

| July 5, 2013

On the BBC website, Bob King G3ASE tells his story as a voluntary interceptor during WWII.  Paul Cort-Wright, G3SEM, gave a lecture on the work of the VI’s at our Centenary Day celebrations at Bletchley Park on 5th July 2013 . See

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Centenary Award – new Application Form

| June 5, 2013

An additional Application Form has been created and added to the Check Sheet and Application Form download page.  This new form is flexible in its usage as it allows rows to be inserted in the log sheet and the log sheet “sorted”, etc. The earlier form is still available and acceptable, and should be used […]

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GB100RSGB call sign

| May 15, 2013

References to this GB call sign in RadCom, on the DX Cluster and elsewhere are unfortunate typos or errors. The GB prefix is used as a prefix for UK  Special Event Stations and has not been issued for use with the G100RSGB, GD100RSGB, etc, Centenary stations, which are operated under a special arrangement with Ofcom.

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Centenary Award – updated forms

| April 1, 2013

A couple of errors have been reported on each of the EXCEL spreadsheets and update versions are available for download. The changes were: Check Sheet – IOTA Reference for EU005 changed to UK Mainland.  Check Sheet now at v1.25 Application Form – Channel Isles changed to SW England (Region 11).  Application Sheet now at v1.52 […]

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| March 13, 2013

The BBQ-on-the-Air event, planned for midday on Saturday 6th July has been announced in the April RadCom. This is an informal mid-Summer event in which we hope many clubs and groups will participate.  Follow link for further information.

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