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YOTA 2017 will be expensive to stage and both the IARU and RSGB will be providing most of the total budget, with the RSGB underwriting the full cost of the event. Financial support of all sizes is very welcome and we’d like to thank those who have already helped the future of amateur radio by donating to YOTA 2017.

President, Chair and General Manager showing off their YOTA pins

President, Chair and General Manager showing off their YOTA pins

YOTA 2017 supporter pin

Join our supporters today by visiting our special donation page. Everyone who donates £15 or more will receive a YOTA 2017 pin.





Thank you to all our supporters

We’re delighted that the following organisations, clubs and individual members have chosen to support this youth event.

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The RSGB Convention
2016 Delegates


First Class CW Operators' Club

Chiltern DX Club

Noise Cancellation Products

UK Microwave Group

UK Microwave
Radio Fraternity Lodge No.8040

Radio Amateur Old Timers' Association


Individual supporters

Martin Atherton, G3ZAYFred Handscombe, G4BWPKenneth Holloway, M0SHK
Dominic Smith, M0BLFYutaka Sakurai, JQ2GYUJ Fletcher, G4EDX
Steve Hartley, G0FUWMike Harriman, G4SJXM Harper, MW1MDH
Martyn Preston, G0THYB. Rimmer, G0JCQK Senior, 2E1XDJ
Philip Hewitt, M0KPHAlan Jones. M0OLTGraham Cowan, G7LMF
T. Buckle, G0EWVNigel Bazley, GD6AFBStuart Roy, M0SAR
Mark Allgar, M1MPAHelen JonesAlan Messenger, G0TLK
Phillip Gardiner, G8YLXDoug Vickers, G4SEQRichard Price, M6ICE
Robin Sykes, G3NFVDavid Wright, M3TZXMichael Bryans, 2E0UMB
Steve Thomas, M1ACBM Street, G3JKXMichael Worsford, G4PRJ
David Smith, M0OSAGary Stanley, M0XGSKeith Holman, M0KNH
Graham Boor, G8NWCNick Henwood, G3RWFRob Barnard, M0HVC
Peter Storton, RS195255Tony Bettley, G4LDLIan Douglas, G7MKN
Rob Chipperfield, M0VFCChris Dennis, 2E0XJPGlyn Jones, GW0ANA
Mr W Marshall, G4IODMrs J Marshall, G4KFPMurray Niman, G6JYB
John Rogers, G3PQADr David Hutchinson, GI4FUMJohn Rogers, M0JAV
Ian Pawson, G0FCTStewart Bryant, G3YSXIan Shepherd, G4EVK
Nick Totterdell, G4FALMike Jones, 2E0MLJPhilip Willis, M0PHI
Mr I Bowman, G7ESYPhilip Hosey, MI0MSOGraham Murchie, G4FSG


Reading and District Amateur Radio Club Echelford Amateur Radio SocietyBritish Amateur Radio Teledata Group (BARTG)
GMDX GroupWearside Electronics and Amateur Radio SocietyWeston-super-Mare ARS
Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio ClubTorbay Amateur Radio Society North Cheshire Radio Club
Hambleton Amateur Radio SocietyCheltenham Amateur Radio AssociationBishop Auckland Radio Amateur Club
Braintree and District Amateur Radio SocietyBristol RSGB Group

And a number of anonymous donors.

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