EMC Committee Members

The RSGB EMC Committee (EMCC) works on three main fronts to help protect the amateur spectrum from interference.

1 – Representing amateurs on standards committees

2 – Investigating new threats like wind farms, solar generation and broadband connections

3 – lobbying authorities to ensure essential requirements are not violated

We need more volunteers to improve the service we provide on all these fronts. Help is needed at all levels from expert consultants to willing investigators. Mentoring will be provided to fill any skill gaps individuals may have. In particular we need more advisors to interface with Members with problems and help them diagnose the interference source We also need a secretary to administer the committees operation.

If you have specialist knowledge we would like you to become one of our experts or consultants.  If you would like to help please contact Jon Rogers M0JAV on m0jav@rsgb.org.uk or by phone 07836 731544