RSGB Annual Construction Competition

Young man constructing an amateur radio project

The annual RSGB Construction Competition is to encourage home construction, experimentation, design and innovation.

Any Member, or group of Members, of the RSGB is eligible to enter.

The closing date for entries is 30 September and judging will take place at the RSGB Convention.

This year the competition is being sponsored by Martin Lynch and Sons with prizes of £50 of vouchers for each category winner and £100 for the winner of the prestigious Pat Hawker G3VA Trophy that will be awarded to the best overall entry.


Projects must have an amateur radio context. Examples might include receivers, transmitters, transceivers, aerials, instrumentation, test equipment, etc.

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Projects must be home-constructed, tested, complete and working.  Entrants for each of the four categories listed below must demonstrate the functionality of their entry, by either providing a short video showing it working, or by demonstrating it working to the judges at the Convention.


There are four classes of entry:

1) Designer. This is aimed at encouraging original designs, which can be software, hardware or a combination thereof. Entries in this class will be judged on the elegance and innovation used to solve a new problem, or to solve a well-known problem in some better way. The entry will also be judged on the degree to which it advances the state of the art in amateur radio.

2) Craftsman. This category is aimed at those constructing projects designed by someone else; entries are likely to be based on a published design. Kits may feature, either as a part or the whole of the project. For kit builders, credit will be given for personal additions, modifications or finishing touches. Entries in this class will be judged on the overall quality of the construction/excellence in craftsmanship.

3) Beginner. This category is aimed at those new to amateur radio. The entrant(s) must have been a member of the RSGB for less than a total of three years and must have held an amateur radio licence of any type for less than three years.

4) Junior Member. This category is aimed at our young members. The entrant(s) must be a Junior member of the RSGB on the date of submission of the entry.

In the Beginner and Junior Member categories the judges will balance the elegance, innovation and craftsmanship of the entry in their deliberations.


Each project must be accompanied by a one-page summary description of not more than 250 words.

Electronic projects must also be accompanied by a circuit diagram and sufficient description to explain what it does and how it works. Designers will also need to outline their design approach. If a kit is entered, you may simply attach the documentation that comes with the kit, plus a description of any changes or additions.

In the case of an entry with a significant software component, the judges must be provided with access to the source code, and the main software libraries and open source used must be identified to the judges. These details may be provided to the judges in confidence.

Entries must agree to their projects being featured in RadCom if considered appropriate; RadCom staff will provide assistance to entrants in preparing a suitable article from the documentation provided with the entry.


Entrants must be Members of the RSGB, and each Member, or group of Members,  may enter more than one project. Entrants must advise the RSGB that they propose to submit an entry by 31 August 2015.

All entries must say which category they are entering.

Entries must be displayed for judging at the RSGB Convention. Entrants need not attend the Convention in person; their entries can be brought and demonstrated by a proxy. The RSGB will not accept responsible for the security of the entries at the Convention but will take reasonable measures to protect the entries once handed over for display to the judges and until the end of the general viewing period.


Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each category and to other highly commended entries. The Pat Hawker G3VA Trophy will be awarded to the best overall entry.  All prizes will be awarded at the sole discretion of the judges whose decisions shall be final.

Enter online

To enter the Construction Competition online, fill out the form below and click the Register button.  In the case of group entries, please provide a single point of contact.


The RSGB Convention, generously sponsored by Martin Lynch & Sons