GB2RS Manager

Operator in front of a mixing desk reading the newsAfter many years of negotiations with the Post Office, the RSGB was authorised to broadcast the first news bulletin at 10.00am on Sunday, 25 September 1955.

This broadcast was on 3600kHz from the home of Frank Hicks-Arnold, G6MB, in Walton-on-Thames, using the special callsign GB2RS.

Broadcasts have continued on Sundays ever since, and the Society now has around 145 volunteer news readers who take it in turns to operate some 100 separate schedules every Sunday.

These go out in nine different amateur frequency bands, and can be heard throughout the UK and in parts of Western Europe.

Listeners in western Europe should try listening for the transmissions on 7150kHz or after dark on 1990kHz.

At 09.00 to 10.00 the broadcasts on 3640kHz and 3650kHz may also be heard in countries bordering the North Sea and the English Channel.

A national broadcast is also made on 5398.5kHz at 16.00hrs using USB.

For those in southern England there are two ATV news transmissions in the 1.3GHz band.

The organisation of the GB2RS news service and the network of news readers is the responsibility of the GB2RS News Manager.

The GB2RS News Manager is Ken Hatton, G3VBA,