Terms of Reference

1. To coordinate the investigation of reports of license infringement or instances of poor operating practice which might bring the Amateur Service or Amateur Satellite Service into disrepute. Reports, complaints and associated supplementary information are accepted from any verifiable source and the content of each communication is regarded as confidential material.
2. To be appointed by the Board and be accountable to the Board, through a designated member and/or the Chairman but to work independently of the Board, the General Manager and other HQ staff.
3. To liaise directly with Ofcom in conformance with any agreements in place between Ofcom and the RSGB. Where assistance is required this can be provided by the General Manager and/or a Board member.
4. To form, maintain and develop the group of AROS Observers who operate within the RSGB in a confidential way and are anonymous both to each other (excepting where agreement of all parties exists for some team working, or exceptionally, for working with Ofcom). The exceptions to this confidentiality are the designated Board member who provides the link to the Board and the RSGB IT support officer, who requires access only to the Observer’s e-mail contact details. In addition the General Manager and the Board Chair have a right of access to the identities and contact information of the Observers.
5. To resolve matters amicably where possible within the Amateur Services. Where this is not possible and the matter sufficiently serious and thoroughly investigated, the Coordinator is responsible for collating a report for referral to Ofcom.
6. To provide a response to all enquiries and new reports promptly target within 72 hours, and up-dates on investigation progress to the complainant at least monthly.
7. To maintain confidential records to meet the standard laid down by the Data Protection Act, and to pass on those records to a successor.
8. To produce an annual report for presentation to the Board. To maintain sufficient records to provide an outline report on specific cases to brief the RSGB board and/or Ofcom should it be requested.
9. Through the appointment the post holder accepts and follows Nolan’s 7 principles of governance and the RSGB’s core Ethos values
10. To consider the need and develop the team of Observers in a way that might positively support succession planning.
11. The tenure is for one year, renewable by mutual agreement annually in January.