Youth Committee members and their roles

If you would like to get in touch with a member of the Committee, please email

Organising Committee

      • Chair

        Photograph of Mike Jones 2E0MLJ, Youth Committee Chair

        Mike Jones 2E0MLJ, Youth Committee Chair

        Michael Jones, 2E0MLJ (R11)
        T: 07577 447754

      • Deputy Chair

        Photograph of Milo Noblet 2E0ILO, Deputy Chair

        Milo Noblet 2E0ILO, Deputy Chair

        Milo Noblet, 2E0ILO (R3)
        Cadet Forces Liaison

      • Communications Manager

        Kieran Clarke 2E0NCN, YOTA Manager

        Kieran Clarke, 2E0NCN (R5)

      • Secretary

        Photograph of James Monahan 2E0JPM, RSGB Youth Committee Secretary

        James Monahan 2E0JPM, YC Secretary

        James Monahan, 2E0JPM (R10)

      • Support Member

        Oliver WIlson M6EUB

        Oliver Wilson M6EUB, Support Member

        Oliver Wilson, M6EUB

      • Board Liaison

        Sara McGarvey, 2I0SSW, Youth Committee Board Liaison

        Sara McGarvey, 2I0SSW

    Youth Regional Representatives (YRR)

    • Region 1 (S. Scotland & W. Isles)
    • Region 2 (N. Scotland & N. Isles)
    • Region 3 (NW England):
      • Rebecca Hughes, M6BUB
    • Region 4 (NE England):
      • James Bremners, 2E0MDV
    • Region 5 (W. Mids)
    • Region 6 (N. Wales)
    • Region 7 (S. Wales):
      • William Davies, 2W0WOD
    • Region 8 (N. Ireland):
      • Josh Morrison, 2I0TXB
        JOTA Coordinator (NI)
    • Region 9 (London & Thames Valley)
      • Jonathan Sawyer, M0JSX
    • Region 10 (S & SE England):
      • Oscar Hall, 2E0SWE
      • Martin Radulov, M0YRM
    • Region 11 (SW England & Channel Islands)
    • Region 12 (E. England & East Anglia)
    • Region 13 (E. Midlands)

    The Chair of the Youth Committee is a member of the RSGB Leadership Team and also sits on the IARU R1 Youth Working Group.