IOTA Committee

The purpose of the IOTA Committee is to provide support to the IOTA Manager in the operation of the programme through a group of committed people experienced in the programme.

Terms of Reference for the IOTA Committee, Chair

  1. To be appointed by the Board and be accountable to the Board, and operate where necessary through a designated Board member, to provide input to and take direction from the IOTA Steering Committee and to work with the IT Working Group.
  2. The tenure is for one year, renewable by mutual agreement annually in January.
  3. To form, maintain and develop the IOTA Committee to support the IOTA Manager in the day-to-day operation of the IOTA programme.  This includes assisting the IOTA Manager to make judgements on IOTA policy, promotion of the programme both within the UK (via the RSGB/IOTA websites, RadCom, Regional Promotion Teams, etc) and management of the Checkpoints.
  4. To consider the need and develop the committee in a way that might positively support succession planning.
  5. To provide a response to all enquiries within 72 hours and to follow-up as appropriate.
  6. To produce an annual report, or upon request, make a presentation to the Board.
  7. To provide continuity to ensure that holiday and sickness arrangements exist.
  8. Through the appointment the post holder accepts and follows the RSGB’s Ethos  and does this in part by application of the RSGB Code of Conduct.

8th August 2012