IARU Committee

The IARU Committee’s membership is currently as follows:

John Gould, G3WKL,  RSGB President (Chair)
Ian Greenshields, G4FSU, RSGB HF Manager
John Regnault, G4SWX, RSGB VHF Manager
Murray Niman, G6JYB, RSGB Microwave Manager
Vaughan Ravenscroft, M0VRR, RSGB Intruder Watch
Colin Thomas, G3PSM, IARU Region 1 External Relations Committee
Greg Mossop, G0DUB, IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Coordinator
Graham Shirville, G3VZV, IARU Region 1 Satellite Coordinator
Bob Titterington, G3ORY, Chair ARDF Committee
John McCullagh, GI4BWM, Chair ETCC
Colin Richards, G3YCR, EMC Committee
Ian Pawson, G0FCT, Chair Contest Committee
Mark Jones, G0MGX, Region 1 AROS Coordinator

(Membership updated 29th September 2014)

Terms of Reference

  1. To deal with international matters, especially those arising from the Society’s membership of the International Amateur Radio Union.
  2.  To advise the Board on matters connected with conferences and other meetings outside the UK
  3.  To organise the preparation and checking of conference papers by Society and other UK amateur radio organisations such as AMSAT UK, the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group and the British Amateur Television Club, making appropriate recommendations to the Board.
  4. To recommend to the Board the names of the delegates to attend IARU Conferences, Spectrum Managers’ meetings and IARU Working Groups.   These delegates may include Spectrum Managers or their nominated representatives, members of the IARU Committee and other experts recommended by relevant Society Committees.
  5. The work of the committee will normally be carried out by email unless circumstances deem otherwise.
  6. The committee shall consist of the Spectrum Managers or their nominated representatives and not more than 4 other Full Members. A Board member will be a Liaison Member if the committee does not include one as a Full Member.
  7. Members of the working group though agreement to serve accept and follow the RSGB’s Ethos  and Code of Conduct.

Created 26th March 2009 (amended 31st August 2012)