Terms of Reference


The committee shall be comprised of 5 individual members, comprising A Chairperson and 4 ordinary members.
The 4 ordinary members shall be volunteers with one from Region 1, 2 or3, one from region 4, 5, 6 or 13, one from region7, 11 or 10, and one from region 9 or 12.This is to give the best geographic split based on the RSGB Regional Structure.
The committee shall report to the Board member with Emergency Communications responsibility via the Chairperson.


1. To liaise with the RSGB Raynet groups on a regular basis, and to act as a conduit for the flow of information between the groups and HQ.
2. To liaise with RAEN on a regular basis to co-ordinate areas of mutual benefit and to further the aims set out in the joint Agreement.
3. To lobby the board on any matters which the committee may wish to bring before it for the benefit of Emergency Communications within RSGB.


1. A better relationship with RSGB Raynet groups
2. A better flow of information between groups, HQ and the board.
3. Exploring with RAEN areas where duplication of effort could be eliminated, and areas where RSGB and RAEN can assist each other for example Training, event diaries etc.


The scope of the committee shall be purely within the field of Emergency Communications, reporting to the board as required on a regular basis, however the chair should be free to attend other committees where such attendance is relevant to Emergency Communications, for example The Spectrum Forum.

Guidance from the Board / Lead Group

The committee shall report and make recommendations to the board through its designated member, and shall seek guidance and advice as necessary. The committee understands that the board is the final arbiter in matters of policy