Emergency Communications Committee

Operation Watermark. County groups were deployed for two of the days in this nationwide exercise between 9 and 10 March 2011

Operation Watermark. County groups
were deployed for two days in this
nationwide flood simulation exercise

Formed September 2013 with a remit to improve support to RSGB-affiliated RAYNET groups and improve relations with the Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network (RAEN).

What we do

  • Coordinate and check group membership information held at RSGB headquarters to ensure members are correctly insured when taking part in RAYNET activities
  • Maintain the Emergency Communications pages on the RSGB website
  • Investigate means of improving cooperation between and encouraging the RSGB and the RAEN
  • Work with RAEN towards the unification of RAYNET
Emergency services practice flood rescue during Operation Watermark

Emergency services practice flood rescue on a submerged car during Operation Watermark.

In the UK amateur radio emergency communications are usually provided by organized groups operating under the general term RAYNET.

Some groups affiliate as societies to the RSGB; others join RAEN—an organisation dedicated to RAYNET, some join both, and a few operate as independent groups.

RAEN is a registered charity, affiliated to the RSGB, with regular liaison between the two promoting a coordinated approach to emergency communications.