Emergency Communications Committee

Operation Watermark. County groups were deployed for two of the days in this nationwide exercise between 9 and 10 March 2011

Operation Watermark. County groups
were deployed for two days in this
nationwide flood simulation exercise

Formed September 2013 with a remit to improve support to RSGB-affiliated RAYNET groups and improve relations with the Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network (RAEN).

What we do

  • Maintain the Emergency Communications pages on the RSGB website
  • Investigate means of improving cooperation between and encouraging the RSGB and the RAYNET-UK
  • Worked with RAEN and then RAYNET-UK towards the unification of RAYNET
Emergency services practice flood rescue during Operation Watermark

Emergency services practice flood rescue on a submerged car during Operation Watermark.

In the UK amateur radio emergency communications are usually provided by organized groups. Most of these groups are part of RAYNET-UK which supports these autonomous groups. RAYNET_UK also provides specialist insurance and other services for its members. A few operate as independent groups also aim to provide emergency communications – these groups should not be using the name “RAYNET”.

RAYNET-UK is a registered charity, affiliated to the RSGB, with regular liaison between the two promoting a coordinated approach to emergency communications.