EMC – Technical Advisors

Before you contact an EMC/Technical Advisor…

  • Make sure that you have done everything possible to solve the problems yourself, see EMC
  • Arm yourself with as much information as possible that will be useful to the advisor.
  • Remember that the advisor is a volunteer, so please ring at sociable times.
  • The scheme only offers telephone advice and our advisors only accept incoming calls. If the advisor calls you back on any occasion, please offer to ring off and ring them back.

The following people have kindly offered to help RSGB members who experience EMC issues. Such help will be limited to telephone or email advice, and will not include site visits.

List of technical advisors

  • Ken Underwood, G3SDW, Kirkby, Ashfield, Nottinghamshire (01623) 720780 g3sdwspacesky.com Advisor Coordinator
  • Peter Bertram GJ8PVL Jersey Mob: 07829 722722 Email: gj8pvlspacehotmail.com
  • Robin Caine, G4IWS, Reading, Berks Tel: Home 0118 9834235 Email: RobinCainespaceiee.org
  • John Paul Ceresole, G8BSD, Gosport, Hampshire Tel: (02392) 528540 Email: velocespacetcp.co.uk
  • Gus Coleman, G3ZEZ, Clacton, Essex Tel: (01255) 425965 Email: gusspacekestrel84.freeserve.co.uk
  • Stan Ellis, GD3LSF, Laxey, Isle of Man Tel: (01624) 863664 Email: caryspacemcb.net
  • Mark Jones, G0MGX, Belper Tel: (07967) 411691 Email: Mark.g0mgxspacegmail.com
  • Ray Kelly, G3ZRK, Sacriston Nr Durham Tel: (07747) 615456 Email: g3zrkaol.com
  • Andrew Maish, G4ADM, Worcester Park, Surrey Tel: (020) 8335 3434 Mob: 07973 184040Email: andrew.maishspacentlworld.com
  • Don Pinnock, G3HVA, Basingstoke Tel: (01256) 780482 Email: donpinnockspacetiscali.co.uk