Contest Committee

The Contest Committee deals with all aspects of Amateur Radio contesting.

With effect from 1 January 2007 the HF and VHF Contest Committees were amalgamated into one committee. The chairman is Ian Pawson, G0FCT –  Details of RSGB HF and VHF Contests and other contest information can be found by selecting an option from the right-hand menu.

The committee members are as follows

G0FCT Ian Pawson Chairman
G0GJV Mike Goodey
G3UFY Steve Knowles
G3VYI Mike Franklin
G3WRR Quin Collier
G3XDY John Quarmby
G4BVY Roger Dixon
G4CLA Pete Lindsay
G4CZB John Cockrill
G4LMW Rob Thomson
G4MEM Mark David
G4WFR Richard Cooper
G6XSY Jaqui Goodey
G7RAU Dave Edwards
G8IYS John Simkins
GW3SQX Ed Taylor
M0BOX Simone Wilson
MM0BQI Jim Martin


For further information please see the Contest Committee website