RSGB Operational Promotion Plan

Members assembled for the RSGB EGMHere you can read the Operational plan for promoting Amateur Radio that was published by the Interim Board. Work is now in hand to update this, and a plan for 2015 and beyond will appear shortly.


The need to promote amateur radio and the Society was recognised at the outset by the 2011 Advisory Group and Interim Board (IB). It forms part of the Marketing function, which the IB have been developing.

The work done by the IB in formulating a Marketing Strategy, including results from the 2010 Member Survey, highlights the importance of marketing both amateur radio and the RSGB.
It identified specific target groups in terms of age and other factors and this has informed the informal thinking and actions to date. Broadly the results of that analysis are:

  • Age Groups 8 to 13, 40 to 60
  • People who like to find out how things work and make them; and who have the resources to be able to do so
  • People who actively seek out new things and experiences, and want to expand their horizons; and again have the resources to do so

The RSGB is committed to promote, develop and defend Amateur Radio in the UK. Without the RSGB, amateur radio will diminish in the UK.

There are many aspects to promotion; it is at the heart of most of the things we do, from the Centenary Celebrations to RSGB videos to our work with Ofcom and IARU. We are constantly seeking to expand our impact, but our efforts in this area are constrained by finance (professional promotion is very expensive with uncertain results) and the capacity of volunteers to take forward initiatives. Many of the activities in the Operational Plan directly impact on the promotion of both amateur radio and the RSGB, the highest visibility of which was the Centenary Plan.

This Promotion Plan has two main aims;

  • To maximise the impact of centrally driven initiatives such as the NRC and the legacy of the Centenary events
  • To begin a process of support for local affiliated clubs and develop their role in promotion of both Amateur Radio and the RSGB itself

There is work to be done in clarifying the key messages to use when addressing not only the target groups but also the full range of our audience. These are;

Category Audience Messages
A Potential Amateurs –

  • Children
  • Older people
  • Radiocommunication and other amateur or professional radio users
What is amateur radio?Why is it a great hobby?What it will bring to you?How to engage
B Existing amateurs who are not members Why you should be a memberWhat we do for youWhy amateur radio needs a strong RSGBHow you can joinHow you can help shape amateur radio for the future?
C Members What the RSGB is doing for you.Why should you continue in membershipWhat you can do to help strengthen the Society?
D Clubs What the RSGB is doing for you.Why should you continue to be affiliated.What you can do to help strengthen the Society?

As part of this, action is to be taken to review and update all of the RSGB promotional material to ensure that it carries the appropriate messages. The new website is a key part of this as is increased emphasis on new social media.

Implementation of this Promotion Plan has already started, but will need Board leadership and further work on costing and volunteer resources.

Initiative Purpose Target Groups Message Actions Resources Outcome
National Radio Centre To demonstrate Radio Communications to selected groups (young people) and interested visitors to BP A, B, C, D A, B,C Increase opening time by 1 day per week Extra stewards Increased footfall. More people exposed to amateur radio and radiocommunications.Future radio amateurs
Leverage BP visitor numbers A,B,C A,B,C Participate in selected BP events i.e. Radio Day None. Need to work with BP programme to ensure inclusion Increased footfall.
Develop and deliver programme for schools. A A Work with BP schools visiting  programme Part time special stewards. Collateral material for school curriculum. Positive feedback from schools participating with repeat visit requests.
Maximise media coverage and impact of one-off events A,B,C,D A,B,C Launch of Digital Radio 14th February.Centenary Day – 5th July Collateral material.Selecting the right people to be present More positive media exposure
Encourage repeat visits and on going interest A,B,C,D A,B,C Refresh the exhibits in the NRC Ideas More repeat visits to NRC. Fresh media coverage
Create a support/ownership community around the NRC B,C B,C Launch “Friends of NRC” Ideas and someone to run it More volunteers to staff and support the NRC
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) To demonstrate Radio Communications to selected groups (young people) and their families/teachers by placing amateur radio exhibits in selected regionally based STEM venues A A Identify STEM venues, prioritise and visit.
Develop programmes and exhibits in conjunction with venues. Exhibit is not permanent but is an integral part of venue
Key issue is local support or perhaps exhibit is self guided or even remote guided.Produce robust transportable exhibit and materials. More people exposed to amateur radio and radiocommunications (particularly young people)
Club Promotional Package To increase local awareness of amateur radio by encouraging and supporting clubs to mount public demonstrations. A,B,C,D A,B,C,D Work out what makes a good public display  Identify clubs who will pilot the promotional package. Materials i.e Signage, displays, leaflets and promotional material, “How to” guidesWork with small number of clubs to pilotPublicise success In RadCom   on website Increased general awareness of amateur radioIncrease club  membership.RSGB seen as valuable resource to clubs
Targeted Mailshots To increase local membership of clubs and the RSGB B B Produce locally tailored mailshots to amateurs who are not RSGB or club members. Identify clubs willing to pilot the mailshot scheme Supply promotional material Increased club and RSGB membership.
To increase interest in  amateur radio within specific groups of telecomms users A A,B Produce mailshot and articles aimed at user groups .Evaluate impact and repeat for other groups. Distribute  leaflet using commercial outletsPlace articles in user publications
Centenary Activities To ensure that the impact of the Centenary activities continues after the centenary year B,C,D B,C,D Ensure that all material produced (lectures, etc) is available to clubs and members after 2013 Lectures will need to be packaged and presenters familiarised with topic. RSGB seen as helping clubs
Promotional Videos To ensure that a range of high quality video material is available for clubs and members A,B,C A,B Produce new promotional video and place on RSGB YouTube channel. (linked to new website) New video (TEC) Increased general awareness of amateur radioIncreased membership
Populate RSGB YouTube channel with high quality video from other sources. Increased general awareness of amateur radio and RSGB
Social Networking – Facebook and Twitter To help bring the public image of the RSGB and Amateur Radio into the 21st century A,B,C,D A,B,C,D Provide content and regular updating Volunteer(s) with Board oversight Raise the RSGB profile on these sites