Primary strategies

boardstrategyThe following are primary strategies of the RSGB Board:

Provide Leadership for the UK Amateur Radio Community

  • Promote, develop and defend Amateur Radio in the UK
  • Strengthen our good relationships, direct and indirect, with HMG, OFCOM, ITU, CEPT, IARU, other relevant legislative bodies and relevant standards bodies

Provide a ‘Community’ for UK Radio Amateurs

  • Maintain a strong and world-respected membership-based Society
  • Ensure our ethical standards are of a high order
  • Ensure the financial stability of the RSGB

Provide Personal Development for our Members

  • Encourage high levels of operating skills
  • Encourage progression through the levels of the UK Amateur Radio licence
  • Encourage theoretical challenge and innovation in communications technologies
  • Encourage practical construction and experimentation, both in hardware and software, for Amateur Radio