Membership strategies

membershipstrategiesThe following are membership strategies of the RSGB Board:

Membership Numbers and Fees

  • Maintain the membership at above 20,000 members
  • Maintain the membership fees at current levels until at least 2015

Membership Administration

  • Develop and implement a secure, accurate, accessible, web-based membership management system which is integrated with all HQ IT systems
  • Implement a consistent, rigorous and personal process to retain members and encourage members who leave to rejoin

Membership Communications

  • Dramatically improve our web presence for member benefit and to attract new members
  • Keep the website fresh and current
  • Maintain the GB2RS news service and develop its delivery by other means of communication
  • Develop new, efficient, ways of communicating with members including new forms of social media, while retaining traditional methods

Membership Support

  • Provide specialist guidance to members and stakeholders on matters such as EMC, HF operating, VHF operating, planning etc.
  • Administer and develop awards, contests, the IOTA programme and other operating activities for members
  • Enhance our support, advice, insurance and benefits for Affiliated Clubs
  • Provide an efficient and cost-effective QSL Bureau