RSGB Board Strategy

developmentstrategiesThe Amateur Radio Survey resulted from comprehensive questionnaire, open to all UK radio amateurs, that was completed between October and end-December 2010.

Its findings influenced the later work by the RSGB Board when it studied the fundamental questions surrounding the current state and the future of Amateur Radio in general and the RSGB in particular. We asked ourselves and our wider team of volunteers why the RSGB exists, what are its prime motives and how should it provide value for money to its members?

The RSGB Strategic Aims

From this work a set of draft Strategic Aims were produced and offered to the membership for consultation in early July 2012. The feedback was very positive and the suggestions arising were debated by the Board and changes were made. The final version was approved by the Board at its November 2012 Board meeting and is produced below. This is the guiding document towards which the Board, HQ and our many volunteers should aspire and against which they should be measured. Each year the Board will approve an Operational Plan targeted towards the achievement of these goals. A summary of the annual goals for 2015 is available here The current Strategic Aims have a three year horizon and the Board is committed to reviewing their appropriateness, and if necessary updating them, on an annual basis. If members have any questions or would like to make suggestions for improvement, please make your comments via Have Your Say.