Regional and Board elections 2017

The 2016 AGM was held in the Glasgow City Hotel

The 2016 AGM was held in the Glasgow City Hotel

This is the time of year when we call for volunteers to step forward for election at the AGM

The 2017 AGM will take place at the Angel Hotel in Cardiff on 22 April 2017.

As the Board Chair outlined on page six of the November RadCom, the Society is run primarily by its Members and we need volunteers who are willing and able to give their time and enthusiasm to keep the wheels turning.

In 2017 we will be looking to appoint one elected Board Director, one nominated Board Director and five Regional Managers.

The Board vacancy is a result of Steve Hartley, G0FUW, coming to the end of his three year term in office—Steve is not seeking re-election.

The following Regional Manager vacancies also arise due to the end of the current post holders completing their three year terms, or because they were co-opted into a vacancy after the last AGM;

  • Region 2 – Scotland North and the Northern Isles (Denny Morrison is currently co-opted)
  • Region 5 – West Midlands (Martyn Vincent is seeking re-election)
  • Region 7 – South Wales (Glyn Jones is currently co-opted and is seeking election)
  • Region 10 – South and South East (Mick Senior is seeking re-election)
  • Region 12 – East and East Anglia (Keith Haynes is currently co-opted and is seeking election)

Nominations for elected Board Directors and Regional Managers require the supporting signatures of 10 RSGB Corporate Members.

Nominations for the Regional Manager vacancies must come from Members who reside in the relevant region.

Further information about the election vacancies, together with nomination forms, are available on the Election Forms page or can be obtained by post from the General Manager at RSGB HQ.

Completed papers, with their supporting signatures must be received by noon on 1 February 2017.

Nominated Directors are recommended to the Board by the Nominations Committee and approved by the Membership at the AGM.

The Nominations Committee are currently looking for suitably qualified and experienced candidates to join the Board and would particularly like to see Members coming forward with marketing/promotional skills and/or those who can help to enrich the gender/ethnic diversity of the current Board.

Those elected will also help to take the Society forward to 2020 with a revised strategy, which we plan to launch at the AGM.

Volunteers are not paid but out-of-pocket expenses are covered.

If we do not get volunteers we will either need to reduce services or increase subscription to pay for additional staff.

If any one has any questions about the elections or would like to discuss the roles, please contact the Board Chair, Steve Hartley, G0FUW, for the Director vacancies, via email to, or Philip Hosey, MI0MSO, for the Regional Manager vacancies, via