Communications and Media Group

This a permanent working group, set up by the Board to support some key operational objectives. It reports to the Board at every meeting.

The purpose of the group is to:

• Development a communications strategy
• Develop policies and processes to ensure the implementation of the strategy
• Oversee the Periodicals Strategy Panel
• Oversee the development of the website

The Membership comprises:

• One or two Board Members – Alan Messenger, G0TLK and Ian Shepherd, G4EVK
• The chairman of the Publications Strategy Panel – Phillip Brooks, G4NZQ
• Two or more representatives of the Leadership Team, one of whom shall be a Regional Manager – Mick Senior, G4EFO, John Rogers, M0JAV, Murray Niman, G6JYB
• General Manager (Chair) – Steve Thomas, M1ACB
• Commercial Manager – Mark Allgar, M1MPA
• Communications Manager – Heather Parsons
• Webmaster (in attendance as required) – Rob King