How to cast your vote

If you do not enter the name of the proxy holder, your vote will be cast by the Chairman of the meeting in accordance with your wishes indicated on the voting form (whether electronic or paper). Alternatively, you can assign your vote as a proxy to another nominated individual. If you take up this alternative, you will need to indicate your choice of proxy holder—it has to be some one
at the AGM.

On the voting screen/proxy form you will find three boxes alongside each Resolution. Against each Resolution you should mark an X indicating your choice.

If you leave the instruction on how to vote blank, your choice of proxy holder may vote as he/she wishes. Although provision for a withheld vote (Abstain) does not appear in the Society’s Articles, it is now common. So if you are assigning your proxy and do not vote “for” or “against”, you can elect to abstain, which is also binding on your proxy holder.