Board nominations

Ballot box cartoonRSGB President, Elected Director and Regional Manager elections

The Society has amended its bylaws and the process to allow for nominations via the RSGB website.

Whether you are a candidate or a nominator you will find all the forms and guidance you need on this page.


All candidates should read the Instructions for Board and Regional Manager Candidates document (3-page/140KB PDF).

There are three separate candidate forms so please download the one for the role you wish to apply for.

If you are sending the form electronically please use the Word version otherwise download the PDF.

Word version

PDF version

If you are applying for President or Elected Director please also read the President and Board Candidate Pack (7-page/349KB PDF).


Please read the Instructions for Nominators (1-page/119KB PDF) which will explain the process for nominating a candidate.

The nominations process ends at 2359 on 31 January 2018 so ensure you complete the application or nomination in good time.

If you have any questions about any of the process please email