Bournville Suburban Event

| January 13, 2013

Sponsor: RSGB
Organiser: M3WDD


Date(s) - Sun 13 Jan 2013

At Bournville - (Details linked)
    27 Kingfisher Way, Bournville, Birmingham, West Midlands, B30 1TG, 5


The results have now been posted.


The event comprises a 2m+80m combined classic ARDF competition.

Bournville is located in the South Western quadrant of Birmingham – 20 minutes from the M6, M5, M40 and M42. It is served by two stations on the cross city line both within easy walking distance of the event. Too many buses to mention here.

This is not our usual forested terrain but a quiet and leafy suburb of Birmingham.

Urban orienteering has been taking place in Bournville for several years now it is time to try ARDF.


The event will start and finish at my house:

27 Kingfisher Way, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1TG.

More details below.


Bournville is a planned village – there are plenty of green spaces, parks, copses and wooded stream-sides. There are patches of semi-ancient woodland, medieval field systems, bronze age sites and a big chocolate factory.


The competition will consist of a 2m Classic ARDF course followed consecutively by a shorter 80m course using midi-transmitters.

If I can get the necessary range the 80m course will use the Ukrainian standard of 2.5 minute cycles (30 seconds transmission per Tx) otherwise it will Fox-oring for 80m

Long course will be 5+5, Short course 4+4 or possibly 4+3


We can arrange for a very limited number of loan receivers to be brought to the event – if you do not have a suitable 2m or 80m receiver – then let the organiser know well before the event and we will reserve one for you. This does depend on the goodwill and attendance of certain competitors.


£6 adult/£3 Junior. After expenses any balance will go to the ARDF equipment contingency fund.


In preparation. Will be a fusion of existing orienteering street map with OS/Open Street Map data.


It is my house – toilets and limited capacity showers. There may also be some food and hot drinks.

Transmitter Markers and ‘Punching’

We will not be using orienteering ‘kites’ or electronic punching. Transmitters will be very well hidden but the site will be clearly marked – probably with a paper cup/plate and some bright flagging tape.

A have done some propagation tests – 2m ARDF is very practical in an urban environment providing placement takes into account the possibility of multiple reflections from buildings.

I need to experiment before confirming exact arrangements. This will be our first suburban ARDF.


  • Registration from 09:30
  • Classic ARDF (2m+80m): 180 minute time limit
  • Starts from 10:15 to 11:30.
  • Start and finish will be within a few metres of the registration point. Competitors seek 2m Tx first, then the appropriate beacon, swap to the 80m band finding further Tx and then navigate back to the starting point to finish


Competitors take part at their own risk. Whistles are advised.
In case of bad weather competitors may be required to carry water- and wind-proof tops (aka cagoules)

Yes seriously – you will be visiting nooks of Bournville where no one else ever goes. There are deep streams, ponds and bogs.

The courses will cross many suburban streets, and possibly one major road, therefore juniors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please pay attention and take care when running along or crossing public roads.


David Williams (M3WDD/HOC) who can be contacted via and +44 (0)798 021 5561


For the latest information contact the organiser..


This version (1.0) is preliminary. Information will be updated in the new year when I have the courses planned and the maps completed.

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