| July 6, 2013

Sponsor: RSGB
Organiser: G3WKL


Date(s) - Sat 6 Jul 2013

Country-wide Event

This is planned to be a country wide event, with individual clubs arranging lunchtime BBQs and fun events, linked by radio with SSB operation centred on 144.250 MHz or FM on 144.550 MHz and nearby simplex channels.

Saturday 6th July is the nearest day to the Anniversary day of our Centenary and by coincidence will take place as many clubs and contest groups set up for the Centenary VHF National Field Day contest.  Of course we recognise that some groups will be too focused and busy setting up their contest station, but we hope that others will be able to widen the participation and have some fun over lunchtime exchanging greetings, etc, with those nearby holding similar BBQs.

Why not use this opportunity to bring family and friends to experience the fun and camaraderie of Amateur Radio; take some photos and share experiences of your club or groups activity on our website.  Smaller clubs and groups perhaps thinking of trying this contest for the first time, or perhaps returning after a break, should know that special prevision has been made in the rules to make it attractive to the smaller groups.  Follow VHFNFD link at Centenary VHFNFD Rules for further information

We know that some clubs already turn their VHFNFD into a wider interest event by including fun events such as a simple Amateur Radio Direction Finding event, and a second – less serious – contest entry station.

For further information see the website About RSGB > RSGB Centenary >BBQ-on-the-Air

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