Strinsdale, Oldham 30 June 2012

| June 30, 2012

Phil Ellis and the Oldham Club again staged an event for those living in the north of England. A good contingent travelled up from the Midlands. Torrential rain and lightning added to the usual challenges in unusual and interesting terrain.

144 MHz race 5 Foxes. 11 starters.

1.  David WilliamsM3WDD38.37M50   5/5
2.  Andrew SoltysikG4KWQ50.25M40   5/5
3.  Svetoslav StoyanovInd53.55M40   5/5
4.  Stuart TylerG1ZAR67.55M40   5/5
5.  John MarriottLEI68.35M60   5/5
6.  Robert VickersG3ORI72.05M70   5/5
7.  Ursula WilliamsonLEI82.35W50   3/5
8.  Stuart CartlidgeG0MJG84.00M50   3/5
9.  Bob TitteringtonG3ORY111.10 OTM70   5/5
10.  John MartinG8JGM120.20 OTM50   5/5
11.  Tom MitchellGM0JHF101.15 OTM60   4/5

3.5 MHz race 5 Foxes. 11 starters.

1.  David WilliamsM3WDD41.35M50   5/5
2.  Andrew SoltysikG4KWQ42.40M40   5/5
3.  Svetoslav StoyanovInd46.15M40   5/5
4.  Robert VickersG3ORI69.20M70   5/5
5.  Stuart TylerG1ZAR79.07M40   5/5
6.  Bob TitteringtonG3ORY86.10M70   5/5
7.  John MarriottLEI78.45M60   4/5
8.  Ursula WilliamsonLEI78.55W50   2/5
9.  John MartinG8JGM99.35 OTM50   5/5
10.  Tom MitchellGM0JHFretiredM60   1/5
11.  Stuart CartlidgeG0MJGretiredM50   


  1. Strinsdale was a memorable event for a number of reasons. The area itself (long and narrow) encouraged competitors to take routes that passed very close to some of the transmitters. As a result many ran past without realising it when the transmitter was off.
  2. Then there was the thunder shower with torrential rain and lightning. The latter causing some retirements. As a final challenge some of the transmitters were on the air simultaneously. The competitors took all of this in their stride even though many emerges distinctly damp at the end!
  3. David Williams was back on cracking form and headed Andrew Soltysik in both races
  4. It was good to welcome back Ursula Williamson, who had a very good day locating five of the transmitters all together.
  5. With the benefit of hindsight, the best strategy to adopt was to assess at the start whch transmitters were straight ahead on the narrow west side of the valley, and then to go anticlockwise picking up the transmitters on the east side. At the same time good cross bearings would be obtained of the transmitters in the narrow strip west of the lakes. Finally return to the finish down the west side knowing the location of each transmitter to within 100m.
  6. The competitors were all very grateful to Phil M0GIE and the members of the Oldham Club for keeping the ARDF ‘flag’ flying in the North West and for staging such an interesting event. One competitor travelled all the way from London to be there.

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